Sandy sans réchauffement

L’article sur la tempête Sandy sur Wikipédia, est largement éditée par un amateur sans formation météorologique passionné par le sujet pendant sa période de chômage et… sceptique sur le changement climatique.
Ainsi il supprime toute mention sur le réchauffement climatique cette entrée de wikipedia car il n’y croit pas… La vérité finira bien par en sortir mais sans doute quand la page sera redevenu une page « froide » de Wikipedia comme le dit l’un des éditeur de la page :

“it sounds more like, ‘We’ll keep all mention of global warming out of the discussion until after nobody’s interested in this storm any more.’ This isn’t so much “waiting for new information to come in.” This is “waiting for majority rule to overcome the will of the few.” The few are what kept global warming off that page for so long.

Meet The Climate Change Denier Who Became The Voice Of Hurricane Sandy On Wikipedia

Ken Mampel, an unemployed, 56-year-old Floridian, is in large part the creator of the massive Hurricane Sandy Wikipedia page. He’s also the reason that, for nearly a week, the page had no mention of climate change.

« All I am is a contributor. I have no title, I’m just a Joe Blow, » says Ken Mampel, a currently unemployed 56-year-old living in Ormond Beach, Florida. He’s also largely responsible for the Wikipedia article about Hurricane Sandy. If it isn’t already, that article will eventually become the single most-viewed document about the hurricane. On the entire internet.

In an unpaid but frenzied fit of news consumption, editing, correction, aggregation, and citation, Mampel has established himself as by far the most active contributor to the Wikipedia page on Hurricane Sandy, with more than twice the number of edits as the next-most-active contributor at the time this article was written.

And Mampel made sure that the Hurricane Sandy article, for four days after the hurricane made landfall in New Jersey, had no mention of « global warming » or « climate change » whatsoever.

Meet The Climate Change Denier Who Became The Voice Of Hurricane Sandy On Wikipedia | Popular Science.