Prochain iPhone en test!

Vu que la ligne de Noël est en place, il est logique que la génération suivant soit en préparation… Sortie en juin?

TUAW — The Unofficial Apple Weblog Next generation iPhone now in testing phase by Chris Rawson (RSS feed) on Nov 29th, 2009 Mac Rumors has received word from Pandav, creator of iPhone application iBart, that they’ve spotted usage records for the next-generation iPhone. PinchMedia, the firm that provides analytics for the iBart app, allows Pandav to see what devices its apps are running on. Pandav noticed an identifier for "iPhone3,1" in their logs. The iPhone 3GS hardware identifier is "iPhone2,1", which means the next-generation iPhone is already being tested. iBart is a guide for San Francisco’s train system, which lends further credence to the rumor. The iPhone 3GS was spotted in October of 2008, again by PinchMedia statistics, and was also being used in the San Francisco area. Based on the past three years of releases and comments by Apple’s senior VP of marketing, Phil Schiller, the most likely launch date for the next-generation iPhone (iPhone 3GSS? iPhone 3GX? iPhone 4G?) is either June or July of 2010.