internet et activisme

Un belle et triste analyse de l’activisme sur internet…

We wanted to prove to the world that there were perfectly rational reasons to be antiwar. That is why we spent weeks, months and years coding and polishing an ephemeral reservoir of antiwar justifications. The result of our labor was a cutting-edge site accessible only via a computer with sufficient memory, plugged into to an Internet connection with enough bandwidth, using a browser upgraded to the latest version and — most importantly – discovered via the right search query results ranked by the arbitrary decisions of the web censors, aka search engines.

All that time spent translating our activist spirit and youthful idealism into a website garnered us 20,000 anonymous visitors a month but didn’t stop the occupation of Iraq. Those faceless fickle many, whose visits we eagerly monitored via our server logs, and not the residents living on our block became our litmus test of success. We never questioned whether activism premised upon putting all ones energy into binary data was the best use of our talents. It just made sense. Looking back on those lost hours, I think we missed an opportunity for social change.