Une nouvelle excuse pour vendre un rein ou un enfant : déjà que le Lytro m’avait bien fait fantasmer, voici la version pro avec des spécifications qui font rêver mais surtout un changement radical sur comment construire une image, comment lui donner un sens, raconter une histoire.

A few tweaks here and there and this black brick will be Lytro’s Illum, a brand-new $1,599 camera designed to show professional photographers, and the world, the power of light-field photography. It’s the company’s second camera, the follow-up to its eponymous point-and-shoot that could refocus a photo after it was shot. The Illum does that better, and takes much better and more versatile pictures in general. But for Lytro, the real plan is only beginning to unfold. The company’s job, its mission, is to fundamentally change the way we think about images. To not just provide better, faster cameras that take beautiful pictures, but to reimagine what a picture is in the first place. That part hasn’t changed since the dawn of photography nearly two centuries ago, and Lytro believes it holds the keys to the next phase.

Lytro changed photography. Now can it get anyone to care? | The Verge.