un peu de golf virtuel?

Qui a dit que les jeux vidéos étaient un sport d’intérieur… Un iPhone en main vous pouvez sans risque faire une petite partie de Golf Urbain et vous balader dans la ville à la recherche de votre petite baballe en réalité augmentée…

Considering the number of iPhones around the world, I have this sinking feeling that we’re going to start seeing a lot of people wandering looking like fools. Well, they already look like fools, but when people start swinging imaginary golf clubs in public they’re going to look even more foolish.Gigaputt for iPhone (US$1.99), from Gigantic Mechanic, is an augmented reality app that lets you play golf anywhere. You grab your iPhone, fire up Gigaputt, and it lays down a virtual 3-hole golf course wherever you may be. That could be in the middle of Manhattan, in a suburban shopping mall, in the swamps of Louisiana, or on a mountainside in Colorado.Gigaputt includes support for OpenFeint as well as Twitter and Facebook integration. For two bucks, it looks like a great way to get some exercise and lose all your dignity. Now, where did I put my plaid golf pants?

Found Footage: Playing virtual golf in Manhattan with Gigaputt for iPhone