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Les trous du cul du jeu vidéo

Quand des connards se présentent comme des justiciers sociaux en défendant l’idée que les femmes sont bien représentées dans le jeux vidéo et les féministes trop présentes dans les médias.

You also get the creeping suspicion that even winning won’t be enough. When will they have they won? What are their demands? As far as can be seen, there are none – the campaign exists solely to constantly harrass and abuse people until they disappear. That’s the endgame – the destruction of individuals whose only crime is making comments about sexism – or worse, being sexually active. From the smirking tone adopted by Lizard Squad and more, it is hard to avoid paraphrasing what must also be a favourite movie amongst the attackers: some men just want to watch women burn.

The only way the ecosystem can improve is through the involvement of more women, more LGBT people, more of anyone who doesn’t conform to the white gamer-bro stereotype. That is exactly what the Twitter terrorists seek to prevent, and awesomely, is exactly what’s happening. Female gamers are rapidly on the rise – 48% of gamers are female, and adult females now double the number of the once-central under-18 boy demographic – and the collected assholes of the world can’t do anything about it. Women play games. If you can’t deal with that, maybe there’s something fundamental to your worldview you need to examine.

Video Games, Misogyny, And Terrorism: A Guide To Assholes | Badass Digest.

Le tout en réaction aux excellentes vidéo d’Anita Sarkeesian sur les réprésentations de la femme dans le jeu vidéo.