Dieu, Darwin et la biologie.

Peut on enseigner la biologie sans parler d’évolution?

Hmmmmmmmmm non.

It’s irresponsible to teach biology without evolution, and yet many students worry about reconciling their beliefs with evolutionary science. Just as many Americans don’t grasp the fact that evolution is not merely a « theory, » but the underpinning of all biological science, a substantial minority of my students are troubled to discover that their beliefs conflict with the course material.

Until recently, I had pretty much ignored such discomfort, assuming that it was their problem, not mine. Teaching biology without evolution would be like teaching chemistry without molecules, or physics without mass and energy. But instead of students’ growing more comfortable with the tension between evolution and religion over time, the opposite seems to have happened. Thus, The Talk.

Ce qui me rappelle le biais de demander ou enseigner quel est le rôle d’une espèce ou d’un animal dans son milieu.
Il n’en a aucun.
Il a une place. Pas un rôle.
La nature n’est pas une pièce de théâtre avec des acteurs suivant les directions d’un metteur en scène.
Elle est. C’est tout.

The more we know of evolution, the more unavoidable is the conclusion that living things, including human beings, are produced by a natural, totally amoral process, with no indication of a benevolent, controlling creator.

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