Face tu perds

La face de la pop culture?

Tales You Lose.

Animal Copyright

Animal Copyright

Achetez une photo prise par un animal, Latinstock reverse les droits d’auteurs pour la protection des espèces menacées…


En 2015, le travail tue encore

Produits chimiques, cancers professionnels, mutation des organisations, poursuites judiciaires ou encore rôle de la science : la nouvelle édition des Risques du travail dresse en quelque 600 pages le panorama de la santé des travailleurs d’aujourd’hui. Trente ans après la première version, cet état des lieux fait froid dans le dos, tant il démontre combien le travail peut gravement nuire à la santé. Un risque rendu aujourd’hui largement invisible par le recours massif à la sous-traitance. 

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« dismantle patriarchy, one rainbow kitten at a time »


In the great tradition of Tumblr mash-up memes, Feminist Lisa Frank juxtaposes neon animals and quotes by Gloria Steinem, Shonda Rhimes, and more. Read the rest

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La mode : la retouche

6 heures de retouches en 90 secondes

Lo vi en Konbini France

Exit Sandman

Enter Sandman joué à l’envers, lu à l’endroit!

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Heavy Metal Brands

Prenez une marque, appliquez la charte graphique d’un groupe de métal, secouez… C’est prêt!


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Tourne à gauche… A GAUCHE!

Défi : utiliser un vélo qui tourne à droite quand on tourne le guidon à gauche et inversement.

Problème : une fois ce vélo maîtrisé (longtemps après), le cerveau s’est corrigé et a modifié complètement les réflexes de l’utilisateur.
Et le vélo : ça ne s’oublie pas.

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Evolution et religion dans les classes du Kentucky

I was originally reluctant to take my job at the university when offered it 20 years ago. It required teaching three sections of nonmajors biology classes, with 300 students per section, and as many as 1,800 students each year. I wasn’t particularly keen on lecturing to an auditorium of students whose interest in biology was questionable given that the class was a freshman requirement.

Then I heard an interview with the renowned evolutionary biologist E.O. Wilson in which he addressed why, as a senior professor—and one of the most famous biologists in the world—he continued to teach nonmajors biology at Harvard. Wilson explained that nonmajors biology is the most important science class that one could teach. He felt many of the future leaders of this nation would take the class and that this was the last chance to convey to them an appreciation for biology and science. Moved by Wilson’s words, and with the knowledge that Funkhouser once held the job I was now contemplating, I accepted the position. The need to do well was unnerving, however, considering that if I failed as a teacher, a future Scopes might leave my class uninspired.

I realized early on that many instructors teach introductory biology classes incorrectly. Too often evolution is the last section to be taught, an autonomous unit at the end of the semester. I quickly came to the conclusion that, since evolution is the foundation upon which all biology rests, it should be taught at the beginning of a course, and as a recurring theme throughout the semester. My basic biology for nonmajors became evolution for nonmajors. It didn’t take long before I started to hear from a vocal minority of students who strongly objected: “I am very offended by your lectures on evolution! Those who believe in creation are not ignorant of science! You had no right to try and force evolution on us. Your job was to teach it as a theory and not as a fact that all smart people believe in!!” And: “Evolution is not a proven fact. It should not be taught as if it is. It cannot be observed in any quantitative form and, therefore, isn’t really science.”

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Ghost in the shell arrive. Sans la métaphysique.

Mieux qu’un iphone : un bras bionique. Et mettable à jour par smartphone.

Iron Man isn’t the only one 3D-printing artificial limbs these days. But unlike the mechanical hand delivered by Robert Downey Jr, this recently unveiled prosthetic from Japanese manufacturer Exiii costs just $300 and leverages your mobile device’s computing power to act just like the real thing. The Ghost in the Shell future we’ve between waiting for came took a step closer to reality.

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Carte du monde : Où se passent les dessins animés ?


Retrouvez des tonnes d’articles aussi passionnants que Carte du monde : Où se passent les dessins animés ?, sur Geek Dad Power!.

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Un groupe de Metal tourne son clip pendant l’éclipse

Vendredi dernier, j’ai essayé d’observer la fameuse éclipse mais le ciel gris parisien a gâché ce moment et la récréation de nombreuses écoles primaires qui ont dût les organiser en intérieur. Par contre, sur les îles Féroe, le groupe de Doom Metal Hamferð a profité de la très bonne visibilité du phénomène pour tourner son clip du titre Deyðir Varðar, tourné en une seule prise bénéficiant de cette ambiance si particulière

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