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un album sur iPhone

One like son (inconnu au bataillon, 2 albums en 11 ans…) se fait un petit coup de pub en sortant un nouvel album de pop américaine efficace, en l’enregistrant uniquement sur iPhone… Le résultat est surprenant de qualité et de conformité aux standards du genre : gros son et interchangeabilité sonore oubliable…

Powerpop band « One Like Son » has done something special. Using accessories like Peavey’s AmpKit LiNK (TUAW review) and the GuitarJack from Sonoma Wireworks, they managed to produce an entire studio-quality album… on an iPhone.

Daniel Codella of Sonoma Wireworks states that « One Like Son have really set the bar for what can be done with an inexpensive mobile recording setup. Bravo! » The band compares the experience to creating their first album, « Love Songs for the Apathetic, » on a 4-track cassette recorder. Stephen Poff of the band said, « It was a pretty top of the line at the time, but it was tedious and of course there were only 4 tracks to work with. Now I’m recording up to 24 tracks… and it’s on my iPhone! »

One Like Son produces entire album on an iPhone | TUAW – The Unofficial Apple Weblog.