Au régime les routes

Ou comment réduire le trafic en réduisant le nombre de voies allouées à la voiture.


Realizing these unintended outcomes, some localities implemented a type of road diet: reconfiguring the four lanes (two in each direction) into three (one each way plus a shared turn lane in the middle). The change dramatically reduced the number of “conflict points” on the road-places where a crash might occur. Whereas there might be six mid-block conflict points in a common four-lane arterial, between cars turning and merging, there were only two after the road diet.

Likewise, at an intersection, eight potential conflict points became four after a road diet.

The result was a much safer road. In small urban areas (say, populations around 17,000, with traffic volumes up to 12,000 cars a day), post-road diet crashes dropped about 47 percent. In larger metros (with populations around 269,000 and up to 24,000 daily cars), the crash reduction was roughly 19 percent. The combined estimate from all the best studies predicted that accidents would decline 29 percent, on average, after a four-to-three-lane road diet — DOT’s reported figure.



Tout internet, sans internet, livré chez vous : bienvenue à Cuba

The always-on Internet we take for granted in the US is more difficult to come by in Cuba. Some residents subscribe to a service called El Paquete Semanal (« The Weekly Package ») where someone comes to your house with a 1Tb external drive and loads the past week’s Internet highlights onto your computer.


Hacker son tracteur

Pour réparer librement leur tracteur ou éviter que John Deer ne le bloque à distance, les fermiers américains installent des firmwares ukrainien pirate. Continuer la lecture de « Hacker son tracteur »


Arpeggio qui est de loin le robot qui a le nom le plus cool est une espèce de Liberace

Placez ce robot, Arpeggio, devant n’importe quel piano et il s’aligne tout seul sur les touches avant de commencer à jouer n’importe quelle musique que vous voulez.

C’était quand même plus impressionnant y’a 110 ans.

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Uberiser les traders

quote [Bridgewater Associates has a team of engineers working on a project to automate decision-making to save time and eliminate human emotional volatility
The world’s largest hedge fund is building a piece of software to automate the day-to-day management of the firm, including hiring, firing and other strategic decision-making.

Automated decision-making is appealing to businesses as it can save time and eliminate human emotional volatility.
“People have a bad day and it then colors their perception of the world and they make different decisions. In a hedge fund that’s a big deal,” he added.]
Entry Comment: Humans are just not all that dependable.

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Un robot industriel qui fait de tatouages

Pierre-Emmanuel Meunier et Johan da Silveira ont créé une machine qui utilise un bras de robot industriel et des techniques d’impression 3D pour réaliser des tatouages sur des gens.

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Le piano écolo qui parle avec une voix humaine

Peter Ablinger fait parler les pianos. Il se sert de pistons contrôlés électroniquement pour venir appuyer sur leur touches rapidement, pour se servir de chaque son comme d’un pixel sonore qui une fois assemblés font entendre une voix humaine.

Ca marche d’autant mieux qu’il y a des sous-titres pour aider la compréhension.

Lors de cette présentation en 2009 le piano récite un texte en anglais, la description de la vidéo dit que c’est la « Proclamation of the European Environmental Criminal Court » mais j’ai pas réussi à en retrouver une trace.

Le même texte enregistré en studio :

Un autre texte :

Il a aussi fait parler le piano en chinois :

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Quels objets reconnait une IA dans un film ?


If a movie trailer distills a 2-hour film into its 3-minute essentials, what would it look like to distill movie trailer? Strangely, it would look a lot like object recognition software.

Source : Watching a Computer Identify Objects in a Movie Trailer Is Entertaining as Hell  

Anti antibiotiques

Comment les bactéries développent des résistances aux anti-biotiques? Rapidement.

11 jours dans ce test alors que la teneur en antibiotiques est 1000x supérieur au centre de la plaque.

Researchers at Harvard have come up with a novel way of studying how bacteria evolve to become drug resistant. They set up a large petri dish about the same shape as a football field with no antibiotics in the end zone

Source : Watch time lapse videos of bacteria evolving drug resistance

Oubliée la fiche S

IDI a centralisé toutes les banques de données disponibles sur les citoyens américains en fusionnant les immatriculations, les ports d’armes, les entreprises et les habitudes d’achats sur sites de coupons…
Ils ont littéralement une fiche par habitants des États-Unis… et les vendent aux inspecteurs privés.

Every move you make. Every click you take. Every game you play. Every place you stay. They’ll be watching you.

Source : This Company Has Built a Profile on Every American Adult – Bloomberg

Efficacité perçue

Si le site ou l’appli que vous consultez vous donne une réponse trop vite, vous doutez de sa véracité. La solution : allonger artificiellement le délai de réponse.

Facebook actually slows down its interface to make users feel safe, a Facebook spokesperson confirmed in an email. « While our systems perform these checks at a much faster speed than people can actually see, it’s important that they understand what we do behind the scenes to protect their Facebook account, » the spokesperson wrote. « UX can be a powerful education tool and walking people through this process at a slower speed allows us to provide a better explanation and an opportunity for people to review and understand each step along the way. »

So companies introduce what Kowitz calls an « artificial waiting » pattern into their interfaces. These are status bars, maybe a few update messages, to construct a facade of slow, hard, thoughtful work, even though the computer is done calculating your query.

Kowitz says he has only used artificial waiting a few times in the design sprints he runs through Google Ventures, and only when instantaneous results weren’t working. In one case, he was working on a loan approval app. The back end was atypically fast. It could get someone a true lender-backed mortgage instantly. But when the app makers put that experience in the hands of consumers, people responded in disbelief. « When they saw it, they were like, ‘I’m pre-approved but not really approved,' » he says. So the designers added a progress bar that said it was checking credit, and suddenly, the same system seemed trustworthy.

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Big Festival Brother?

L’été approche avec tout ses festivals. Une bonne occasion pour partager de bons moments et… ses datas personnelles. 

En Angleterre, la police utilise des logiciels de reconnaissance faciale à l’entrée des festivals pour identifier des criminels potentiels. Pendant ce temps les organisateurs partagent sans vergogne toutes vos données personnelles avec leurs applications. 

quote [It’s May and the sun is finally out after a long British winter. For many that means one thing: festival season.
It’s a good occasion to disconnect from technology, go off the grid and enjoy a few days of carefree excitement. Or not. Along with booze, music and mud — a lot of mud — British festivals may have another feature: mass surveillance.]

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