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L’histoire du monde? sous LSD

Raconter l’univers, le monde, l’homme, en 20 min. Sous coke… ou acide… ou LSD

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Des vagues de nuages dans le Grand Canyon

Quand le photographe Harun Mehmedinovic capture des vagues de nuages dans le Grand Canyon. Une superbe vidéo !

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Au régime les routes

Ou comment réduire le trafic en réduisant le nombre de voies allouées à la voiture.


Realizing these unintended outcomes, some localities implemented a type of road diet: reconfiguring the four lanes (two in each direction) into three (one each way plus a shared turn lane in the middle). The change dramatically reduced the number of “conflict points” on the road-places where a crash might occur. Whereas there might be six mid-block conflict points in a common four-lane arterial, between cars turning and merging, there were only two after the road diet.

Likewise, at an intersection, eight potential conflict points became four after a road diet.

The result was a much safer road. In small urban areas (say, populations around 17,000, with traffic volumes up to 12,000 cars a day), post-road diet crashes dropped about 47 percent. In larger metros (with populations around 269,000 and up to 24,000 daily cars), the crash reduction was roughly 19 percent. The combined estimate from all the best studies predicted that accidents would decline 29 percent, on average, after a four-to-three-lane road diet — DOT’s reported figure.