Détente des tentes…

Ces tentes, un peu grave chères sont terribles… Comment personne n’a pu penser à ça avant! Big Top

Ever wanted to run away to the circus? Fulfil your fantasies with this small version of the classic circus tent. Maybe even pull together an audience and put on a few shows. Get some clowns and acrobats in there, but we would draw the line at elephants – apparently they don’t like camping.

Size: L 355cm(11’8") x W 170cm(5’7") x H 140cm(4’7")(sleeps two people comfortably)


Euh… Photo

Photoshop c’est obsolète… CGI Powaaaa

H&M Under Fire for Using Fake, Computer-Generated Models

Recently, Swedish fashion chain H&M admitted to using computer-generated models to showcase a range of collections on its website. The virtual models look completely human, but if you look closely, they all have the same body shape and pose. The real model’s head has been superimposed on the body and the skin tone has been digitally altered to match her complexion.

Swedish website Aftonbladet first noticed the uncanny similarities of the models. Hacan Andersson, a spokesman from H&M, confirmed this by saying:

“It’s not a real body, it is completely virtual and made by the computer. We take pictures of the clothes on a doll that stands in the shop, and then create the human apperance with a program on a computer.”

This method has created some controversy among netizens who have criticized H&M for creating a false reality for its customers and creating an unrealistic body image for women to live up to.

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Andersson argued that the choice was made because it simplified the process of the photoshoot and also that customers can focus on the clothes rather than the models. He explained, “The result is strange to look at, but the message is clear: buy our clothes, not our models.”

This article originally published at PSFK here.


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