La typo moyenne… mais bonne

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the average font, a set by Moritz Resl on Flickr.

manga Vidéo

Cosplay Powa


Tout est mieux avec une moustache


Une bouteille, de l’eau, de la javel = une lampe de 60W

Solar Bottle Lamps: Water + Bleach = 10,000 Liters of LightWho says you can’t bottle (and distribute) genius? Developed in Brazil to address under-illuminated slums, this simple design idea has been adopted by MIT students and expanded to other developing areas where many low-income homes lack access to either daylight or electricity.The physics of the concept are straightforward: the bottles are placed in roofs – half outside, half inside – and their lower portions refract light like 60-Watt light bulb but without the need for a power source. A few drops of bleach serve to keep the water clear, clean and germ-free for years to come.

Solar Bottle Lamps: Water + Bleach = 10,000 Liters of Light | Designs & Ideas on Dornob