Même les héros de jeux vidéos doivent garder la forme. yep>nope

Jouets et genres dans la pub

Un petit test réalisé par The Achilles Effect sur le vocabulaire utilisé par les publicités pour les jouets…

The results, while not at all surprising, put the gender bias in toy advertising in stark relief. First, the boys’ list, available in full size at Wordle:

Now the girls’ list, also available in full size at Wordle:

No further comment needed.

Word Cloud: How Toy Ad Vocabulary Reinforces Gender Stereotypes | The Achilles Effect

PAC-MAN mais belle bête…

Perdez beaucoup de temps : le Pac Man généré par les utilisateurs:
World’s Biggest PAC-MAN

Unicode, le film

33 min pour parcourir les ‘9000 caractères et sigles contenus dans l’Unicode…

Unicode, all of itThis movie shows all displayable Unicode characters (49000+ characters), one per frame, for more than 33 minutes.(via waxy)

Unicode, all of it

Party like in 1984

Le nouveau commodore 64… Commodore USA

Suivez un écologiste

Sommes nous suivis? Suivez un écologiste allemand pendant 6 mois à partir des données qu’il a récupéré (par voix de justice) auprès de son opérateur, croisées avec ses tweets et entrées de blog.

Tell-all telephone

Green party politician Malte Spitz sued to have German telecoms giant Deutsche Telekom hand over six months of his phone data that he then made available to ZEIT ONLINE. We combined this geolocation data with information relating to his life as a politician, such as Twitter feeds, blog entries and websites, all of which is all freely available on the internet.

By pushing the play button, you will set off on a trip through Malte Spitz’s life. The speed controller allows you to adjust how fast you travel, the pause button will let you stop at interesting points. In addition, a calendar at the bottom shows when he was in a particular location and can be used to jump to a specific time period. Each column corresponds to one day.

Tell-all telephone | Data Protection | Digital | ZEIT ONLINE challenge: animated albums challenge: animated albums

Mr. Villains Class of 1983 – REISSUE!

Image of Mr. Villains Class of 1983 - REISSUE!