Réalignement du logo Starbuck

Une analyse intéressante du ré alignement du logo Starbuck où l’éloge de la simplification

P.-S.: leur café reste imbuvable…

StarbucksAll right Mr. Schultz, I’m Ready for my Close-up – Brand New Question : quelle évolution pour la version Arabe du logo? And Far Away propose sa version : starbucks

10 ans de peurs

J’aime bien la récurrence des jeux vidéos chaque année depuis 2000Mountains Out Of Molehills Interactive | Information Is Beautiful Mountains Out Of Molehills Interactive

la vie sans savon…

I stopped using soap a year ago. It was easily one of the best moves I’ve ever made in my entire flippin’ life.

About this time last year I read an article (which Mark mentioned here as well) extolling the virtues of a soap-free bathing experience. TL;DR version: Your body is designed to regulate itself. Smearing chemicals all over it wrecks its own built-in processes, and screws with naturally balanced pH levels. This made sense to me and I thought I’d give it a shot for a month.

At the beginning of February 2010, I blogged about the results I’d seen so far. I didn’t stink at all (confirmed by friends, family and random people I ended up sitting next to on various forms of public transit), my skin felt better, oily and dry patches had all but disappeared and the light dandruff I’d had my entire life was almost gone. I was pleased with the results of my month experiment and decided I’d run with it for a while longer. As of January 1, 2011: it’s been a year now, and I can’t imagine ever going back.

I haven’t used soap or shampoo in a year, and it’s awesome: personal experiment update – Boing Boing

Internet en 1996

À quoi ressemblait un site qui déchire en 1996?
à ça : Le site de Space Jam toujours en ligne sur les serveurs de la Warner…
attention aux yeux…

Space Jam