Détente des tentes…

Ces tentes, un peu grave chères sont terribles… Comment personne n’a pu penser à ça avant! Big Top

Ever wanted to run away to the circus? Fulfil your fantasies with this small version of the classic circus tent. Maybe even pull together an audience and put on a few shows. Get some clowns and acrobats in there, but we would draw the line at elephants – apparently they don’t like camping.

Size: L 355cm(11’8") x W 170cm(5’7") x H 140cm(4’7")(sleeps two people comfortably)


Euh… Photo

Photoshop c’est obsolète… CGI Powaaaa

H&M Under Fire for Using Fake, Computer-Generated Models

Recently, Swedish fashion chain H&M admitted to using computer-generated models to showcase a range of collections on its website. The virtual models look completely human, but if you look closely, they all have the same body shape and pose. The real model’s head has been superimposed on the body and the skin tone has been digitally altered to match her complexion.

Swedish website Aftonbladet first noticed the uncanny similarities of the models. Hacan Andersson, a spokesman from H&M, confirmed this by saying:

“It’s not a real body, it is completely virtual and made by the computer. We take pictures of the clothes on a doll that stands in the shop, and then create the human apperance with a program on a computer.”

This method has created some controversy among netizens who have criticized H&M for creating a false reality for its customers and creating an unrealistic body image for women to live up to.

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Andersson argued that the choice was made because it simplified the process of the photoshoot and also that customers can focus on the clothes rather than the models. He explained, “The result is strange to look at, but the message is clear: buy our clothes, not our models.”

This article originally published at PSFK here.


Votre œuvre du jour

Lancez le programme le matin, faites votre journée de travail et le soir vous obtiendrez une œuvre d’art en fonction des mouvements de votre souris: IOGraphica — MousePath’s new home


quand les groupes de JPOP féminin se mettent au métal…

L’ultime violence faite à la violence :


Une envie de voyage…

Address Is Approximate from The Theory on Vimeo.


80s, 90s…

Un (long) résumé hypnothique des années 80 et 90 avec le meilleur de l’imagerie du cinéma d-de cette époque. Du B, du Z du bon…

Skinemax from Smash TV on Vimeo.


Android manque de support…

the understatement: Android Orphans: Visualizing a Sad History of Support Android Orphans: Visualizing a Sad History of Support The announcement that Nexus One users won’t be getting upgraded to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich led some to justifiably question Google’s support of their devices. I look at it a little differently: Nexus One owners are lucky. I’ve been researching the history of OS updates on Android phones and Nexus One users have fared much, much better than most Android buyers. I went back and found every Android phone shipped in the United States1 up through the middle of last year. I then tracked down every update that was released for each device – be it a major OS upgrade or a minor support patch – as well as prices and release & discontinuation dates. I compared these dates & versions to the currently shipping version of Android at the time. The resulting picture isn’t pretty – well, not for Android users:


L’aiguille radioactive et la botte de foin
Montagna, dressed in a polo shirt, jeans, and an orange safety vest, grabbed his radiation monitor — a tan Ludlum Model 3 about the size of a toaster. He plugged in a heavy sensor wand and set the device on the ground 20 yards away from the containers. The Model 3 emits a high-pitched beep every time it detects a radioactive particle; Montagna turned it on, and the meter’s needle swung hard to the right, burying itself past the maximum reading of 500,000 counts per minute. Instead of its usual staccato chirps, the machine was whining continuously and frantically.

That didn’t worry Montagna. The port’s humid air sometimes corroded his monitor’s connections. He turned the detector off, swapped out the cable between the sensor wand and the box using a spare he kept in his pocket, and turned the device back on. It started wailing again. Montagna was being bathed in radiation.

As he stood in the morning sun listening to that sound, Montagna realized that one of the containers in front of him held a lethal secret. But was that secret merely a slow-motion radioactive industrial accident — or a bomb, one that could decimate the Italian city’s entire 15-mile waterfront? Montagna ran back to his car to get a less sensitive detector. He didn’t give much thought to protection; at those radiation levels, he would have needed lead armor 5 inches thick to stand within a couple of feet of the source for very long.

Montagna took the new meter and walked up to the sealed boxes, circling each one in turn. Halfway down the second row, a crimson 20-footer with “TGHU 307703 0 22G1″ emblazoned in white on its side jerked the dials. As he passed a few feet from the box’s left side, Montagna was absorbing radiation equivalent to six chest x-rays per minute.

He looked around the bustling port. Montagna could hear traffic from the highway several hundred yards away and could see the nearby hills of the city. He summoned the safety officer on duty and asked for a stacker, a sort of crane on wheels with an overhead arm that can clean-and-jerk a 50-ton box like a child’s toy. Jumping in the cab next to the driver, he pointed to box TGHU 307703 0 22G1.

“Move it,” he said.Andrew Curry ( wrote about the board game The Settlers of Catan in issue 17.04. Additional reporting by Gabriele Ferracci.

via Wired

Design Vidéo

Bourrinage 3D dans une photo 2D…

Apparemment d’une simplicité enfatine, ce module permet l’insertion d’objets et d’animation 3D dans une photo…

Kevin Karsch’s Homepage


Shoot now, focus later

La photo va changer. Ou plutôt les habitude de prise de vue. Lytro



Tous les horoscopes sont ils les même prédications répétées perpétuellement? Un peu. Voici une année d’horoscope de Yahoo synthétisée en un table.

Horoscoped - Unique words in top 50 words in predictions of each star sign


Voici aussi l’horoscope moyen, applicable à tous les signes :

Horoscoped - Meta-prediction made from most common words in 4,000 star sign predictions


iPhone très serviable