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Mes oreilles saignent, mais mes yeux ne peuvent s’arreter de regarder…
A moins que ce soit l’inverse…

Mapping Stereotypes by alphadesigner

Europe According to USA

Europe According to France

Europe According to Germany

Europe According to Italy

Europe According to Bulgaria

Mapping Stereotypes by alphadesigner

Arcade Fire + google + html5

Et un bourrinnage HTML 5, un!

McDo dans la vraie vie…

A quoi ressemblent vraiment les burgers qu’on nous vend ? | 10 minutes à perdre

Les héros sont des gens commes les autres…

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My First Week with the iPhone

L’iPhone pour les aveugles… Ok le retina display a moins d’interêt mais la platerforme semble impressionante… Seule ombre au tableau : iTunes qui apparemment est peu accessible.

My First Week with the iPhone by Austin Seraphin
Last Wednesday, my life changed forever. I got an iPhone. I consider it the greatest thing to happen to the blind for a very long time, possibly ever. It offers unparalleled access to properly made applications, and changed my life in twenty-four hours. The iPhone only has one thing holding it back: iTunes. Nevertheless, I have fallen in love.When I first heard that Apple would release a touchpad cell phone with VoiceOver, the screen reading software used by Macs, I scoffed. The blind have gotten so used to lofty promises of a dream platform, only to receive some slapped together set of software with a minimally functional screen reader running on overpriced hardware which can’t take a beating. I figured that Apple just wanted to get some good PR – after all, how could a blind person even use a touchpad? I laughed at the trendies, both sighted and blind, buying iPhones and enthusing about them. That changed when another blind friend with similar opinions also founded in long years of experience bought one, and just went nuts about how much she loved it, especially the touchpad interface. I could hardly believe it, and figured that I should reevaluate things.

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8 bits

8BITS_hd720 from 8BCREW on Vimeo.

Light painting + iPad = Awesome

Déjà je trouve que le light painting est du bourrinage photographique, si on y ahjoute de la 3D et de la l’animation via iPad, cela devient excellent!!!!

Making Future Magic: iPad light painting from Dentsu London on Vimeo.

ça c’est un C.V.

Voici un objet intéressant dans le principe et dans la forme : en plus d’être tout simplement beau ce C.V. propose de se focaliser uniquement sur l’expérience et les savoirs acquis. L’essentiel finalement.
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Data Data Data

Comment l’information peut gagner en clarté via une bonne présentation…


Sundown: Nighttime Timelapses of South West France from Jon Bryant on Vimeo.

la psychanalyse du feu du skateboard

« LAKAIROMANIA » from Marc Ritzema on Vimeo.