Bonne année 2010

J’essaie d’être en avance sur mon époque…

Barbie Art

DIY design

Encore un exemple de design modulaire et ingénieux par Neve, permettant d’assembler des éléments modulaires pour créer son propre design minimaliste… modular modern sink design

Le crime ne paie pas…

Le crime ne paie pas mais la justice se sert : Jammie Thomas, une mère américaine, a piraté de la musique… 1700 morceaux apparemment. Ce qui lui fait la coquette amende d’un million-quatre-vingt-douze-mille dollars d’amende! Voici donc listés par Gizmodo, 6 crimes moins chers que de pirater de la musique …

Second Degree Murder and Six Other Crimes Cheaper than Pirating Music – Piracy – Gizmodo

Second Degree Murder and Six Other Crimes Cheaper than Pirating Music By Jesus Diaz,

I’m outraged that the Obama administration is supporting the RIAA on the case against Jammie Thomas, a single mother of four who has to pay them $1.92 million for downloading songs. That’s more expensive than murder and six other crimes:

  • Child abduction: Fine of $25,000 and up to three years in prison, which can be accounted as $50,233 per year (that was the median household income in 2007, probably down because of the economic crisis). Total: $175,699.
  • Steal the CDs: A total of $275,000, $52,500 fine for the CDs.
  • Steal a lawnmower from your neighbour: A total of $375,000.
  • Burn someone’s house while playing The Doors: Another $375,000.
  • Stalk a Gizmodo editor (yes, you know who you are): A Class 4 felony that will result in just $175,000.
  • Start a dogfighting ring: $50,000.
  • Murder someone on the second degree, a Class 1 felony: $778,495, which accounts for a $25,000 fine and four to 15 years in prison.

Stormtroopers en vacances

What Stormtroopers do on Their Day Off |